Sunday 17 May 2020

Our Homes "Light Up" Craft - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Our Homes "Light Up" Craft - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Salam, today I'll be posting about the craft we did on Day 22. I wanted to discuss the significance of Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power). For this we read the book, "The Most Powerful Night", by Ndaa Hassan. It started off with the recitation of Surat al Qadr and then a beautiful description about the importance of Laylatul Qadr. Growing up, I also heard from our elders that the homes in which the people are reciting Quran and performing prayers during this night "Light Up" so that the angels can descend upon it. The angels bring peace and blessings upon this home and all its inhabitants. 

The "Lighting Up" of homes inspired our craft for the day. We used construction paper and chalk to draw houses and then we taped them together to get a 3-D effect. Once the house stood up on its own I placed an LED candle inside to allow it to light up. It created a beautiful look and the kids were mesmerized. I hope you are able to make your homes light up by following the simple steps below!

  • Construction paper - we used black so that our chalk would appear nicely 
  • Chalk or a Chalk Marker, I found something called a "Chalk Writer" at the dollar store which worked really nicely too
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • LED candle to place inside your home
    Today's material list was super simple
  1. Allow your child to get creative and draw four separate houses 
    Conventional Chalk - pretty messy
  2. At first we used conventional chalk but it became very messy and it was spreading all over the paper so we switched over to our "Chalk Writer" and were very pleased with the results 
    Definitely a great Dollar Store find!
  3. After drawing four houses, start to cut them out - we also cut out some of the windows and doors
    Getting our cutting practice 
  4. We then taped all four of the houses together in a row
    He thoroughly enjoys taping
  5. Then prop up the house and tape the final side to allow it to be a 3-D house
  6. Place and LED candle inside and watch the house "Light Up"
    The final product!
  7. Tell a story about Laylatul Qadr, and make it extra special for your child!
    We highly recommend this book for all little readers - very well written!

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