Friday 16 October 2020

Foil Art: Use Decofoil for Brilliant Hand Lettered Signs

 Simple Foil Art

How I used Decofoil and a Laminator to achieve amazing results

Salam to all my fellow crafters! I've returned to the blog after a few months, and it feels great to be sharing a very cool technique with all of you. I have received astounding support and interest on one of my most recent crafty posts on Instagram. There is a lot of interest in how I was able to create shiny hand lettered art with a foil touch to it. 

For all of those willing to achieve this look from the comfort of your home, look no further! With a few simple items, you will be on your way to creating fabulous inspirational art, such as the hand lettered art I was able to make. 

  • Decofoil - heat transfer foil (any colour - I used Aqua)
  • A thermal laminator - I used this one: here from
  • A laser printer (inkjet printer will not work, unfortunately)
  • A piece of paper (I used white card stock)


  1. Grab your paper and begin to hand letter your desired quote - if your laser printer does not have a photocopying option, you can alternatively create your quote on your computer and print it out through your laser printer. 
  2. If your quote is hand lettered - use a dark black ink for best results

  3. Go ahead and photocopy this (or print if you're taking that route)
  4. Place a cut out of your foil on top of the print out

  5. Run this through your thermal laminator in the 5mil setting (wherever possible) 

  6. I ran it through twice to guarantee results
  7. Let it cool for 10 seconds
  8. Slowly remove the Decofoil and see how it has transferred onto your lettering

  9. You can frame this or gift it to a friend! The possibilities are endless

There you have it, my friends! Such a simple technique with superb results. I received the inspiration for this from @marinamakes_ on Instagram. Would love to see your artwork! Tag me on Instagram @WishfulWaufa with your beautiful creations. 

This is it for now, have a wonderful day!

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