Wednesday 20 May 2020

My "Eid Mubarak" Lawn Sign - 30 Day Craft Challenge

My "Eid Mubarak" Lawn Sign - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Salam! As we approach the final days of the Month of Ramadan, we are beginning to prepare for the biggest celebration in the Muslim World - Eid ul Fitr. My children realized that there aren't many days left before we celebrate Eid, so they wanted to make an "Eid Mubarak" sign. For Day 24, I allowed them to get creative with painting and make their own Eid Mubarak Lawn Signs. 

I poured several different colours of paint, provided paintbrushes, sponge shapes, and poster paper and let them design their own signs! We had a lot of fun with this activity and they didn't want to stop painting! I admit, I rarely bring out the paints - its quite a bit of work to contain the mess and then clean up afterwards. However, today we were blessed with the perfect circumstances (my 18 month old daughter took a longer than usual nap) and the boys were very helpful. 

Take a look below and see if you're inspired enough to make your own Eid Mubarak Lawn Signs!

  • Poster paper - we used 11inx14in
  • Paint - we used poster paint
  • Paintbrushes - or sponges
  • Cardboard 
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper - or any paper
  • Glue stick/School glue
  • Tape

  1. Lay out your poster paper for your children and have the paintbrushes and paint ready
  2. Allow them to get creative, suggest moons, stars or a masjid for inspiration 
  3. I cut out some shapes from a piece of packing foam that I found - this worked quite well. 

  4. Allow their artwork to dry completely 
  5. Cut out the letters, or print out the letters, for Eid Mubarak
  6. Paste the letters on the poster 

  7. In order for the lawn signs to be secure on your lawn, decide what you would like as stakes - we used large cardboard panels 
  8. Cut out the cardboard panels, about 8-10cm in width and enough length to cover the length of the poster
  9. Optional: paint the panels if you like
  10. Tape these cardboard panels to the back of your poster 
  11. Dig holes in your lawn and slide the cardboard panels inside
  12. Refill the holes with rocks and dirt to hold the poster securely, and voila!

Note: Do bring in the Lawn Sign at any sign of rainfall or heavy winds!

My dear crafting friends, thank you so much for joining me during the homestretch of our challenge! Hard to believe that we only have 6 more crafts to go! Stay tuned to see what we have in store for the last few days of Ramadan! See you soon. 

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