Monday 11 May 2020

Prayer Tower "Minaar" Craft - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Prayer Tower "Minaar" Craft - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Salam craft family! Thanks for joining me for Day 16 of our Craft Challenge. Today's craft was super easy with lots of room for creativity and customization. We talked about the origin of the prayer tower, known as "Minaar" منارة. It is used to notify everybody that it is time for prayers. It is an essential part of every masjid and it is also very beautiful to look at. We went over the Adhaan and Iqamah together and their meanings and then we were ready to make our own Minaar!

This is one of those crafts that can be done easily and swiftly with items you will be able to find around the house. Save your next empty paper tower roll and use it for this purpose. It was also a great way to talk about 3-D shapes - we used the cylinder and cone today! Scroll down to see how we made our very own prayer tower. 

  • Cardboard paper towel roll
  • Two sheets of construction paper  (ideally, 2 colours - we used white and green)
  • Tape
  • School glue
  • Sharpie
  • Decoration/stickers - we used adhesive glitter paper
  • Scissors 
    Here's most of what you'll need - I forgot to picture the school glue
  1. Use one of your sheets of construction paper to wrap around the roll, tape to secure it.
    We used white for this
  2. On your other sheet, draw a large circle. We used a plastic plate to help us.

    A perfect circle to work with!
  3. Cut the radius of this circle
    We folded the circle in half two ways to find the centre and then we cut the radius
  4. Wrap it around to make a cone shape and make sure it fits nicely on top of the cylinder, tape it to secure the cone shape. 
    It can easily shape into a cone with some twisting - find the right size for your tower
  5. Use your sharpie to draw the door of your prayer tower. 
    You can do this free-hand
  6. Use your scissors to cut out the top part and then just push it inwards. 
    Don't cut the bottom portion, just push in.
  7. Secure your cone to the top of the tower - we used school glue for this. You may also use tape. 
    Fits nicely!
  8. Decorate your tower - we cut two moon shapes out of adhesive glitter paper and stuck them to the top of the tower - back to back! 
    We free-handed the shape of the moon two times on this sticky paper

    Then we just stuck it back-to-back at the top
  9. Let the creative play being! My children started to teach their Lego toys how to recite the Adhaan. 

Thanks for taking a look at today's craft! It was an easy activity that was jam-packed with a lot of different lessons. Try it out and leave a comment below! See you next time. 

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