Thursday 7 May 2020

How to Make Paper Mache Paste at Home

How to Make Paper Mache Paste at Home

Hello friends! I imagine that I will be doing Paper Mache regularly with my children since they enjoyed it so much this time. I was searching online and discovered that authentic paper mache paste requires some cooking - we definitely didn't have time for that. So, I decided to make a separate page describing how to make the paper mache paste that worked so well for us today - no cooking involved!

  • 1/2 Cup Flour
  • 1/3 Cup Icy Cold Water
  • 1/4 Cup Half School Glue Half Water Mix
  • 1 Tablespoon of Salt
  • Mixing tool
  • Container to make the paste in
Here's what you'll need - I took the pic after we had already poured in the flour!

  1. Mix all of the above ingredients into your container 
    The boys love pouring and mixing!

  2. Mix thoroughly until you get a nice paste consistency. If it feels too thick you may need to add a bit of water - try a tablespoon at at time.

  3. Test out the consistency of the paste on your paper mache project it should be a nice, soft, spreadable paste. 
There's the magic recipe for the perfect paper mache paste! Let me know in the comments how it worked out for you.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Pipe Cleaner "Prayer Buddies" - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Pipe Cleaner "Prayer Buddies" - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Salam and welcome to today's exciting Craft Challenge. We are now at Day 12 of this challenge and, Alhamdulillah, the energy is still up - hopefully we can keep going! Today we talked about the different positions in our daily prayer (salaat/namaaz). There are a number of different positions but we focused on three: Qiyam, Ruku, and Sajda. Hadi, my older son, showed Hani these positions and we talked about how to do them correctly. 

This craft was inspired by a Youtube video clip I saw that shows how to make "Beaded Pipe Cleaner People". The video is linked here. Please watch this short video (1 minute and 33 seconds) before you make this craft. After viewing this clip, I decided to alter the craft a little bit to teach the kids about the positions of salaat. I used the lettered beads that we already had, in place of some of the beads that are used in the video clip. Other than that, its pretty much the same! 

Please scroll below to see how Hadi and Hani made their Pipe Clean Prayer Buddies!


  • Two pipe cleaner stems (per person)
  • Plastic straw
  • Scissors
  • Beads (in our case, lettered and regular beads)
  • Sharpie
    This is pretty much everything you'll need (I'm missing the Sharpie in the picture)
  1. Pass through four beads or the letters you need through two pipe cleaners 
    Then you can separate the stems on the top and bottom
  2. Cut the straws into four larger pieces and four small pieces 
    These are the sized of plastic straw you'll need as shown in the Youtube video
  3. Pass through two of the larger sized straw pieces on each of the bottom stems - these will be the legs 

    Here's Hadi sliding the leg straws up

  4. Pass through one regular bead on each leg - those will be the knees
    Then one regular bead for each leg
  5. After the beads, bend the bottom parts of the stem in half on each side
  6. Then, add one smaller straw piece on each leg. 
    Then bend the stems and form the feet
  7. You can now work on the upper part of the prayer buddy
    Arrange the top of your buddy to look like this
  8. Pass through one of the small pieces of the straw for each arm and bend over their hands as well (this is a little different from the Youtube video because our stems weren't as long)
  9. Pass through one of your regular beads at the top representing the neck
  10. Now pass through one of your larger beads representing the head - it will go through both stems at the top
  11. Draw on your buddy's face with your sharpie marker
  12. Fold over the excess pipe cleaner over the head - to represent hair 
    We only had two of the large beads for the heads, so we had to improvise for the third!

  13. Now your child can practice the different positions of salaat with their prayer buddies!

    Here's Qiyam
We've got Ruku

And of course, Sajda

We managed to get a group photo of all buddies! Taken by Hadi
A heartfelt thank-you for joining us on this journey! I'm amazed by the support and love that our community has given me as I share these crafts with you all. You all are the real MVPs!
We'll see you tomorrow with a new craft, inshaAllah!

Tuesday 5 May 2020

The Ash-Shams Sun Catcher - 30 Day Craft Challenge

The ash-Shams Sun Catcher - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Salam everyone! Today I'll be posting our Day 11 craft. Our focus was on Surat ash-Shams (Arabic: الشمس‎, "The Sun") - Surah number 91 in the Holy Quran. We listened to its recitation and and discussed a little bit of its meaning. We focused on how to pronounce the word ash-Shams in Arabic as it appears in the Quran. We talked about how important the Sun is for the survival of life on Earth. We thanked Allah (swt) for giving us the Sun and the boys expressed how much they love sunny days. After this discussion we started our daily craft. 

Today we made Sun-catchers, that are meant to stick onto windows to give off beautiful multi-coloured light all day long. This craft required a lot of patience because we were pasting small pieces of streamers onto a surface so it took a little more time than the kids are used to spending on daily crafts. There is a shorter more express version of this craft - if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can see it!

For this blog post I am going to post my pictures and steps together so that I can clarify what exactly we did for this craft. Enjoy!

  • Streamers or wrapping tissue in different colours cut into small squares/rectangles
  • Scissors
  • School glue
  • Clear Tape
  • One Large sized Ziplock bag
  • Yellow coloured construction paper
  • Clear Tape
  • Paintbrush 
  • Sharpie/Permanent marker
  1. Use your scissors to cut your Ziplock bag into two separate clear sheets 
  2. Use your sharpie to draw a large circle on the surface of one sheet of the Ziplock bag
  3. Dilute your school glue with water - half water and half school glue - we will call this paste 
  4. Take your paintbrush and start spreading the paste onto the sheet (within the circle you just drew) 
  5. Now take your tissue or streamers and start pasting them onto the surface in a mosaic style 
    Here you can see us using wax paper but we re-did the activity with the Ziplock and it worked much better!
  6. Be sure to cover the entire surface and feel free to overlap the tissue as you work along
  7. Once you've covered the entire circle, set it aside and allow 2-3 hours for your mosaic to dry. 
  8. In the mean time cut out a sun shape with your yellow coloured construction paper

    Fold your sun in half and cut another circle through the middle
  9. Once your mosaic is dry, you can peel it off easily from the Ziplock. It still peels off from the wax paper but its not as easy to do so. 
  10. It will look like a nice bright mosaic
  11. Trim the edges of the mosaic to make it into a neat circle
  12. Use your clear tape to stick the mosaic onto the sun
    Be sure to flip your mosaic over so the front will be framed by the sun

  13. This is optional but you can cut a second sun and glue it to the back of your craft - this gives it some added neatness
  14. We pasted the second cut out to the back of our craft so it can be appreciated from the outside of our window and the inside! 
  15. I wrote the word الشمس‎ for Hadi in pencil as well as "The Sun" on the front of our craft and he traced over it in black marker 

    Tracing Fun!
  16. We used our clear tape to stick the craft to our windows

  17. We had some left over mosaic so we cut out some free hand suns and taped them as well - this is a great option if you didn't want to do the yellow construction paper part - and just want an easier/faster activity!
    These have a beautiful look to them as well!
    These are our "ash-Shams" Sun Catchers!

This is what I have for today! Keep following and InshaAllah I will see you tomorrow!

Monday 4 May 2020

My Tasbeeh Pouch - 30 Day Craft Challenge

My Tasbeeh Pouch - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Salam and welcome to Day 10 of the 30 day craft challenge during this blessed month of Ramadan. If you've just recently joined me, I'll briefly go over what its all about. This year during Ramadan, I have challenged myself to do one Ramadan/Islam related craft with my children each day. So far, it's been an amazing experience where I've had to stretch my imagination far and wide. The kids and I have been enjoying these crafts very much and that's why I wanted to share them with you. 

Today, Hadi and I made a Tasbeeh Pouch together. This craft was a combination of mommy and child participation. I will outline in my steps which parts require some of your help as a parent. The best part of this craft is that there are no needles required - it's safe for our little ones to do. After completing this craft, Hadi felt so proud that he grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures of it himself!

  • Felt - we purchased ours from the Dollar Store where they came in 9inx12in rectangles
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie/Permanent marker
  • Ruler
  • Masking Tape
  • Yarn or sturdy string approximately 60 cm
  • Optional: beads to decorate pouch - we used lettered beads to customize our pouch
Watch this YouTube video to see how we made the pouch: Here

  1. Fold your felt rectangle in half - our rectangle was 9inx12in so we folded the 12in side in half (I'm switching to cm measurements now because that's what we used from now on)
  2. We measured the length while it was folded and it was approximately 22cm 
  3. I made a dot where the rectangle is folded right at 11cm to represent the centre of our circle
  4. From this circle, I measured out 11cm and made 8 dots all around to guide me while I cut my circle
  5. I cut around these dots (while my rectangle was still folded) and when I opened it up, it was a beautiful circle!
  6. Now turn your circle over and make the marks where you will be cutting small slits for your child to sew in their string/yarn
  7. Leave about 2-3cm of space from the outer part of your circle and start making marks with your sharpie about 2cm apart all around your circle
  8. Now use your scissors to cut small slits where you've made those marks
  9. In order to "thread" the string/yarn, wrap a piece of masking tape around the edge of the string/yarn and you may want to snip the top part of it to make it a bit sharp (see picture below)
  10. Tie a knot at the other end to make sure the string/yarn doesn't pass through completely
  11. Allow your child to sew in and out of the slits that you made
  12. They will continue this until they've gone all the way around
  13. Once its completely threaded they can pull their string/yarn to make sure its equal on both sides
  14. You can snip off the masking tape and allow your child to put their beads through
  15. Ours was customized to read, "Hadi's Pouch"
  16. Tie knots on the end of each string/yarn.
  17. Now allow your child to figure out how the pouch will look if they pull the string/yarn all the way, or let loose. 
  18. They can choose what items to place inside the pouch - we chose to keep our Tasbeeh and a small copy of Ayatul Kursi. 
  19. You may keep this pouch in your prayer area. Enjoy!

Here's a picture of what you'll need - I've pictured two pieces of felt you'll need one per child
From the centre of the circle, make several dots representing the radius

This will guide you along to cut your circle

Cut your circle while its still folded - this is what it'll look like when you open it up

Turn it over and make your marks for the slits - be sure to leave 2-3cm of space from the outside

Here's how we cut the small slits for sewing

They will look tiny like this
This is how I taped some masking tape at the end of the string to help Hadi sew
Sewing away

He enjoyed this part very much!
He's reached the end

He's adjusting the pouch so that the string is equal on both sides

Snip off the masking tape with scissors before you start beading

Tie a knot at the end when your child is done beading

Here's what Hadi's looked like

Fill your pouch with your favourite Tasbeeh!

Pull the string and watch it collapse!
He did this several times for fun

Tie a bow to keep it closed

It can also be stored in your prayer mat

Here's what it looks like when we emptied it

Happy Tasbeeh-ing!

I hope you enjoyed following us along with this activity. Hadi was happy to do something a little different today. A lot of these pictures were taken by him because he was so proud of himself! May we have the opportunity to use this pouch for many prayer sessions to come, inshaAllah! Try it out with your children and please tag me on Instagram if you do @WishfulWaufa. Leave a comment below and subscribe by leaving me your e-mail!

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